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Kitty Tan.
The wonders of life gave me the chance to write about it.


The name is Kitty. officially 17 in 2015. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for cameras because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept and not forgotten. I'm in love with sports especially full body workouts. I'm also in love with food but i don't eat everything :/
I am also a Ngee Ann poly audio-visual engineer !^^

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "


" Live updates of everything"


Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

To do extremely well for my PFP year in NP !
Visit South Korea
My driver's license and a car :p



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Friday, 2 October 2015

hello !! super duper excited  cause i can finally blog about my bkk trip !! ^^ so here goes a summarised version of my 4D3N trip to Bangkok !!

Day 1
6AM : flight to bkk on a sunday morning.
8AM : arrived in bkk !
we took the BTS train to our hotel, baiyoke sky. it was a really unique experience for me . i always wanted to go on a trip to bangkok ! especially seeing all my friends that went there before. all their vlogs and shopping hauls... HEHEHE i finally get to do itttt !!
First stop ! Chatuchak Weekend Market !! i swear this place is heaven, although the price ranges. but there are lots of good stuff to buy and cheap too ! really regret not changing more money for this trip... didn't really complete walking around this area cause i was really shagged and the weather was killing all of us.... then we headed over to central world for dinner w my cousin who just happened to be in bangkok for a business trip . great company. after dinner, we went for a relaxing foot massage to end of the day.

Day 2
Headed out to Pratunam Market for the freaking cheap deals and amazing clothes !! damn it was the biggest haul in my entire life. I'm serious.  heheheheheh , then we headed out to terminal 21 for the ' sight seeing ' cause we don't have enough money or budget to go on real tours. HAHAHAHA. :p after pratunam market, we went to siam square to search for a manicurist but failed and we wanted to give up so badly, but just then.... we chanced upon an empty shop. THANK GOD . heheheh happy us w our mani and pedi done ^^ then we went to took a tuk tuk back to our hotel, cause apparently the shuttle bus cheated on our feelings. and i rode a tuk tuk w two south africans ,heheheh it was an awesome ride :D

Day 3

Out we go to MBK centre !! it was also another great day of shopping hehehe.

Day 4

we're coming home. I'm lazy to update more.  heheheh . now that bangkok is crossed out from my list. next stop, korea, japan and hong kong and taiwan !!

♥ Embrace the magic

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

hey guys, it has been a good 5 months working w you all. especially que and ali. thank you for creating one of the best working memories in my life. although sometime i maybe really kiddish and stupid.. or i may have disrespected you in some ways. I'm sorry if that ever happened. thanks for treating me as a good workin bud and thanks for all the care and concern you guys have shown me. i really appreciate it all. I'm gonna miss you two when you guys aren't here anymore. :( thank god i still have kei, shaheer, tan and nash here. but not everyone is gonna stay for long. i know that this may just be a work environment to you all, but to me. its different. you all are my family and friends. you all holds a special place in my heart now. i told you i can be this childish already.. the age gap between me and you guys are huge. you can be older brothers and sister. but thank you for regarding me as a friend.  not to forget que, the best sup i can ever ask for. if there is another chance in the future, i hope that i can work with you still... i hope we can stay good friends till we move on to somewhere else in the world. all the best mates ! <3

 happy birthday aud ! hope you enjoyed the genki treat that day and the movie night! although got leong and zhen extra there . thanks for not being awake and for being ok w them coming along .^^ love you many many <3
THROWBACKZ TOZ USSZ  !hehehehe damn happy cause i got 6 month unlimited entry to USS now !!! but i need someone to go w meet :(

♥ Embrace the magic