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Kitty Tan.
The wonders of life gave me the chance to write about it.


The name is Kitty. officially 17 in 2015. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for cameras because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept and not forgotten. I'm in love with sports especially full body workouts. I'm also in love with food but i don't eat everything :/
I am also a Ngee Ann poly audio-visual engineer !^^

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "


" Live updates of everything"


Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

To do extremely well for my PFP year in NP !
Visit South Korea
My driver's license and a car :p



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Bong Qiuqiu


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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

define poly students.
 we are no longer secondary school kids. we 've grown up. we all matured up. why is it that you can't trust us ?  we are your kids. we are your blood. is it that hard to have some faith in us ? don't you know us well enough by now? I'm seventeen . you seen me grown since young. yes i accept the fact that i have changed. I'm not as obedient as i am in the past.. but did i ever rebel against you  ? did i do something to disgrace you ? did i break the law or did anything close to that ? no. i didn't and i won't. by now , you should have trust in me. i mean ,, come on lah. i know you are just concerned about my safety , but please really. i won't disappoint you anymore. why is it so hard for you to trust me. you seen my friends, you seen the worst there can be . but despite all those, did i pick up all the bad habits when I'm hanging out w them ?no right, I'm still the same me. just that i stayed out a tiny bit later. but i still goes home before 12pm .. unless I'm working. -.- yes i know for myself I'm not the same old me. but I'm trying my very best to get the old me back. even me myself miss her a lot. sometimes i even wonder what happened. did i grow up too fast or did i just left the old me back there . whadever the case may be, i am really trying my best to find her back ok. its just not gonna be easy,. because somewhere down the road, a better me is waiting to be found.

you may not see it in me now, but i promise ill get there someday. and then you will regret pushing me off the edge. I'm really tired of being tied down, if only you can relax a little, i would have tried even harder to come back earlier. you controlled me too much, I'm tired. you're tired. we are all tired. we had it enough and we want to stop, but none of us knows how to . we are stuck . 

♥ Embrace the magic

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Monday, 10 August 2015

welcome to august !! the first week of august have been great already and I'm really looking forward to the end of this month because its gonna means that its the holidays ! the long awaited 2 months break !! ^^ I'm very excited this holiday because i've finally planned my getaway trip ! although the plan to go w my fave group of ppl failed. but its okay ill make sure it works next holiday ! 

the cake was in celebration of Hima's and Hui Qi's birthday ! the plan failed terribly cause i thought hima wouldn't understand much... but she understood everything ! HAHAHA . major fail much. but it was great planning stuff w shi hui ~ I'm really glad i met these group of ppl in Ngee Ann, and never will i ever forget them. they mean so much to me.

welcome back to sg my kids !! it's been a good one year since i last saw you two and i missed both of you soon much ! it's great to have you guise back, but its a pity your leaving in a month time... ill shall save up a good 4k and fly to south africa to find ya one day !! 

 hello uncle ali !! thanks for being the best buddy i can ever ask for. our break time is always adventurous because we're always doing something stupiddd~ like on friday, we went to scape to do the airbrush, but it was a terrible mistake cause its raining so freakin heavily and we were drenched from top to bottom !! HAHAAH best memories are always made w you cause its just so funny how we wasted our one hr lunch break sitting on the couch waiting and eventually giving up cause we realised we are gonna be late ... HAHAH  

hi, thanks for spending the weekend w me even though you could have just went home to sleep after workz.. thanks for accompanying me to sentosa ! super impromptu trip there but it was fun and amazing . i really enjoy every moment w you. i may not know how you feel .. i just wanna say thanks . who knows whad the future has installed for us,.. you might not be here anymore.. i may have migrated. we both may lose contact w one another.. but all i really hope for is that you will never forget me. because i know i won't. you became a very impt part of my life and i really don't want to let you go ( even if i had to ... ) it was fate to have met you here in genki. but where the future will lead us to , will be a mystery. ily (no my l in that acronym isn't love )


♥ Embrace the magic