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Kitty Tan.
The wonders of life gave me the chance to write about it.


The name is Kitty. officially 17 in 2015. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for cameras because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept and not forgotten. I'm in love with sports especially full body workouts. I'm also in love with food but i don't eat everything :/
I am also a Ngee Ann poly audio-visual engineer !^^

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "


" Live updates of everything"


Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

To do extremely well for my PFP year in NP !
Visit South Korea
My driver's license and a car :p



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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

so today, class 2 went to the museum! we got an asg due in two weeks time, and its a 10 page long asg -.-   the problem is, today, we were all too focused on takings ootds and nonsense photos, we didn't pay attention to the artefect  :(  now i have to make another trip down there :(   but nevertheless, it was a great time spent w the class ^^

we trine step models but i think we got to improve on posing :p 

hi guys ! this is shi hui !!

 best bud <3

Totally spies <3 

really blessed to have met everyone in class 2, really blessed to meet good friends here. 

2015 have been a very nice year to me, it allows me to find true friends and know who are there for me when I'm down . this year, i realised not everyone stays in everyone life forever. " best friends forever" ? its just a name we label ourself as. back then, i was really afraid to call any of my good friends that.. and i think many of them hated me for it, but when i finally opened up and called you guys my best friends... where did you go to ? why did you leave my side? whad happened to best friends forever ?   

i met new friends, but i never forget my old ones. i miss all of them so much, i miss being me when I'm w them.... especially my dearest cleo, ely, shi xuan, darryl and aud..  sighs. so much has changed this year. Renee, Jia ying ,Shi hui, Joanne, Liani, Merick and bella have been great company in class. Kei, Leong, Zhen, Tan, Que , Ali and shaheer have been the best buds at work.,  Reinhard , Alex and Glen are the ones i can count on when i need helps.  Everyone is here for a different reason, and I'm so scared that one day, everyone will be living their own life and that they will forget a friend like me exist. 

♥ Embrace the magic

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

this thursday, you're going home. only gonna be back one week later... idk whads going to happen.. maybe you'll think through, maybe you're gonna come back and be cold to me again .. maybe you will realise you can't let her go... maybe you won't want to be more than friends w me .. I'm really scared. scared of losing you and everything we have now. the way i put things, it may sound like you're really mine, when you are not. I'm so confused by everything. I'm losing myself. i found a new me in you. it may not be well liked by everyone else. but as long as I'm happy w you, its ok.

你这一回,我不知道会发生什么事... 我只知道我会比以前还要想你。我知道很多,可是什么也不能说。因为我怕我一说出真心话,你会不理我。我真的很害怕啊,怕失去你,怕你不要理我了。 我怕到时你对我说: 你把我话当真的啊 ... 那时的我就会。。。。  did you know 6 months ago, you unknowingly came into my mind, my heart , my soul. and now that you're apart of it, i am not willing to let you go. i know i have to back then when it just started, but i didn't and now its too late to late go.. cause idk how to anymore. you brought my heart beating faster each time i see you smile. you made my heart feel alive again. there was even a period of time, when i actually can smell you everywhere. its like your scent is lingering around me. i never felt so comfortable smelling it. honestly, i still have a lot abt you that idk.. but there are some that i know... and i know i put you in a very difficult spot, i really hate myself for that, but i can't help my feelings. it just grows stronger each time.

they say that chats at midnights are the most honest ones... I'm still really scared of sharing my feelings w you. but i wan you to know how i feel abt you... even tho its wrong of me. i can no longer control whad I'm thinking abt.. i only know that if i don't say whad i have in mind now, i might regret it forever in the future. you are the best thing ever happened to me this year. and i am really thankful for it. I'm truly blessed to have met you . you seen me barefaced. you seen my ' just wakeup ' face. I'm thankful you didn't say or judge and is willing to still be w me. cause this is how i know, you really don't mind how i look.  as the months goes past, we became closer to one another. idk if you will stay by my side forever, but i just want to cherish every moment i have w you now. the way you call my name , the way you call me.. it makes my heart beat faster each time. when i look deep into your eyes, it warms my heart to know that you are looking straight back into mine. no, I'm not afraid to look you into the eyes, cause when I'm looking at you, i found me.

to be honest, these few nights, i've been dreaming abt you. i see you each night in my dream. i can't really remember whad i saw, but it wasn't all that good and bad.. but at least i still got to see you in it. maybe its a warning to tell me i may regret my actions next time. but i know deep down that if i let you go just like that now, I'm going to regret it even more. 你说你的心在我这,你说你没骗我,我信了。 傻傻地爱你,我知道我的出现可能为难了你,对不起,我没本事为你做什么,我只能陪你在身边。我不说话的原因是因为我想把当时的美好时刻留下来。我好害怕我的未来没有你,我不想和你说再见,我不想让你走。可是我知道你以后应该会离开我。

there is still 4 more days before you return home. idk whad is gonna happen. i know I'm gonna miss you badly, i told you I'm going to miss you.. and you said that your heart is w me. it really brings comfort to know it, whether its a lie or not.. you say you're gonna get me my fave snack and send me photos. well i hope you keep to ur words.. cause thats the only i can know if you're real.

♥ Embrace the magic